Cassette Series: Masego

Hometown – Newport, Virginia
Label – EQT Recordings
Photo: @Philippraheem


Masego is bringing a new spin on today’s music and that includes his saxophone. Masego’s “traphousejazz” fuses elements from Hip Hop, R&B and Jazz music. Masego’s signature style and his saxophone skills create a soundscape that is very fun to follow. Standout hits like “Navago” and “Tadow” showcase Masego at his best.


Watch Masego perform the extended version of “Tadow” LIVE with FKJ

FKj & Masego – Tadow (Live)


The Pink Polo EP (2016)

Favorite Track: Sunday Vibes

Loose Thoughts (2016)

Favorite Track: White Man

Lady Lady (2018)

Favorite Track: I Had a Vision

When I was 12 or 13, I started to learn the sax because of a woman I wanted to impress”

GQ Magazine, Kathleen Johnston – Meet Masego, the next-level singer and saxophonist making jazz music cool again (2019)
Photo: @Philippraheem



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