Acid Rap – 5 later

Chance the Rappers Sophomore Mixtape turns six years old this week (April 30th, 2013). In celebration of the Mixtapes anniversary, here is five cool facts that involve Chance and his classic tape Acid Rap

Acid Rap was 30% acid

“[There] was a lot of acid involved in Acid Rap,” he said, chuckling. “I mean, it wasn’t too much — I’d say it was about 30 to 40 percent acid…more so 30 percent acid”

MTV – Chance The Rapper: There Was ‘A Lot Of Acid Involved In Acid Rap’, Nadeska Alexis (2013)

In the song NaNa, Chance references Acid and Psychedelics multiple times.

Acid acid, get it? Acid
Melts through plastic, I spit fired
Pad my palette, talkin’ paper
If this was work, I’d get higher

Chance raps an unreleased verse for “NaNa” at Truth Studios

Obama added “Acid Rain” to his playlist

Tweet from @POTUS44

Listen to Obama’s Playlist here

The album cover was based off a Fan Pic

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#tbt to the photo that started it all

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TD: The reference photo was taken at SXSW correct? What do you remember about that day?

BB: Well I had made these Tie Dye tank tops before we went to SXSW and I gave them to Chance and that wasn’t event the intention I was just like you’re gonna be down there and I have these so here you go, in the back of my mind I’m like I hope you wear this. I don’t remember if I gave it to him before we left for SX or after we got there, anyway the tie dye shit just really fit with the vibe and it literally was the perfect shit to wear out in Austin leading up to a release called Acidrap. So we went to the venue where chance was gonna perform and set up a booth to sell merch and Chance shows up and he’s wearing the tank top and a hat we gave him so I’m like that’s cool. He did the show lost the hat on stage and hopped off the stage and my business partner juan grabbed him to take a photo with him. It was crazy because they left the stage lighting on and it happened to match the tank top colors 100% and I didn’t know I’d be using this photo that I took of him and Juan for the cover I didn’t even know if he’d ask me to do the new cover the shit just all came together and when Pat couldn’t send me any photos of him to work on for the cover I said fuck it I’m just gonna used this photo I took of him and Juan, his face looks like he’s kinda tripping on some shit already and I’m gonna have to paint Juan out of the picture.”

How Chance The Rapper’s Manager, Pat Corcoran, Reimagined the Music Business | Blueprint

Chance’s manager Pat Corcoran was a huge factor in Acid Rap’s creation and marketing for the project. At the time he had no experience in promoting or managing artists. He was learning on the fly. Pat aimed to be involved with Chance and the other artists that were around him. His goal was to make people notice Chance. Without Pat managing and coordinating Chance’s early career he would have been swooped up by large music labels, these companies usually take away artists creative freedom. Instead Chance was able to build an organic following and with help from Pat they were able to succeed independently as artists. Without backing from a major label.


Acid Rap was met with universal acclaim from music critics. At Metacritic, the mixtape received an average score of 86, based on 21 critics, which indicates “universal acclaim”. It was also nominated for Best Mixtape at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards. The mixtape was ranked at number two on SPIN Magazine and 26 on Rolling Stones list of best mixtapes in 2013. It was the second most downloaded mixtape on It was ranked number 12 on Pitchfork‘s Top 50 Albums of 2013.

It’s not a story, its just Good Music

HIPHOPDX: “If #10Day was the culmination of your life up to that point, where does Acid Rap go, lyrically?”

Chance the Rapper:Acid Rap is just a whole different monster; it’s me as an adult making great music instead of a kid trying to explain a story. It’s less of a conceptual project. It’s still very cohesive, storytelling-wise, and it’s own project. But it’s more music-based than story-based this time. I’m still telling the story of what it’s like coming out of high school, not going to college and my experience with LSD. The new music that I started listening to has got a really heavy Acid Jazz base to it. It’s just really good songs; it’s a collection of great songs, which is exactly what #10Day is. But it’s more of just a really good album than a story.”

Acid Rap is a project that continues to trip me out, even after hundreds of listens, checking out different project remixes, and becoming a die hard Chance fan after finding this tape. It solidified the rapper into the game today, and has even received diamond status in mixtape downloads.